ANTISPASMÓDIC, -Ă, antispasmodici, -ce, adj. Care combate spasmele; antispastic. – Din fr. antispasmodique.
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ANTISPASMÓDIC s., adj. (farm.) antispastic, spasmolitic. (Atropina este un antispasmodic.)
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antispasmódic adj. (sil. mf. -spas-) → spasmodic
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ANTISPASMÓDIC, -Ă adj., s.n. (Medicament) care combate spasmele; antispasmatic, antispastic. [< fr. antispasmodique, cf. lat. anti – contra, gr. spasmos – convulsie].
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ANTISPASMÓDIC, -Ă adj., s. n. (medicament) care combate spasmele; antispasmatic, antispastic. (< fr. antispasmodique)
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